BAP LogoStandards Oversight Committee

The Standards Oversight Committee directs the drafting of standards by BAP technical committees and reports its recommendations to the GAA board of directors for final standards approval. With assistance from the BAP standards coordinator, the SOC also coordinates revisions and other aspects of standards development and implementation.

The membership of the Standards Oversight Committee represents a balance of stakeholder interests as well as different geographic regions and entities that range from major international seafood retailers to regional environmental organizations and universities. The current committee membership is shown below.

SOC Committee
Dr. George Chamberlain, Global Aquaculture Alliance (Chair Person)
Sebastian Belle, Maine Aquaculture Association Director
Estelle Brennan, Lyons Seafoods Ltd.
Pete Bridson, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Dr. Alejandro Buschmann, i-mar Research and Development Center
   of Coastal Resources and Environments
Kathy Janiga, Darden
Dr. David Little, University of Stirling
Dr. Steve Otwell, University of Florida
Dawn Purchase, Marine Conservation Society
Dr. Jerry Schubel, Aquarium of the Pacific
Dr. Michael Tlusty, New England Aquarium